How to Add Colour to Your Living Room With Cushions

Sometimes all you need to make your living room look attractive and vibrant are a few properly chosen cushions.

When it comes to using cushions to give your room the ‘Wow’ effect the following are the things you should do.

1) Cushion Cover Colors

Many people make the mistake of just selecting a cushion based on their favourite colour. That’s just the wrong way to approach selecting the perfect colour of cushion for your living room.

When choosing colour it is best you choose a sofa cushion with elements of colours already existing in the living room. Many times there are different colours that make up the different stuff in the room. The colour of the table, the colour of the chairs, walls, paintings, rug or carpet, curtains, TV stand, etc make up the living room colors.

So to choose a good cushion choose the one that has elements of these colours. Doing this will combine all the busyness in the room and help the existing colours to complement each other, rather than work against each other.

One other thing is to make the colours of the cushions and sofa to contrast. If the sofa has a dull colour you might want to use cushions with bright colours and vice versa provided the colour you choose for your cushion is already existing in your living room.

2) Cushion Cover Texture

When it comes to selecting you need to consider the texture of the cover material for the cushion cover.

Compare cushions to teddy bears because people love to hold them, play with them, and rest on them while sitting on the sofa. So it would just be wise to use a material that is pleasant on the skin.

3) Cushion Sizes

The general size that is sold in the market is 16 inches X 16 inches; but you can also go for 12″X12″ if you want smaller cushions; in case you want larger cushions, you can choose 18″X18″ or 24″X24″ sizes.

While choosing sizes, mixing sizes and colors up makes the look trendy and cozy. Each cushion can have its own individuality and lend to the aesthetic of the living room. You can also add colorful floor cushions if you want to increase the coziness factors in your living room.