Avioni Premium Boho Collection-Chindi With Jute Rounds -Multicolor With Jute Area Rug/ Carpet – multiple sizes

 2,969.00 10,615.00

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  • 90cm x 300cm (~3Feet x 10Feet)90cm x 300cm (~3Feet x 10Feet)
  • 120cm x 180cm (~4feet x 6feet)120cm x 180cm (~4feet x 6feet)
  • 150cm x 210cm (~5Feet x 7Feet)150cm x 210cm (~5Feet x 7Feet)
  • 180cm x 270cm (~6Feet x 9Feet)180cm x 270cm (~6Feet x 9Feet)
  • 90cm x 150cm (~3Feet x 5Feet)90cm x 150cm (~3Feet x 5Feet)
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