Enhancing Your Home Decor By Choosing The Right Curtains

Choosing the right curtains is key to defining the interior design of your home. Curtains can make homes look sophisticated while making them feel comfortable. It is hence important that people give serious consideration before choosing the right curtains for their home. There are a wide variety of fabric material choices while considering curtains; then of course, is the choice of color; the other criteria are price, size, durability, room and purpose of the curtain.

One of the first things to consider when choosing curtains for your house is the type of curtain you want to put up in the different rooms of your house. There are many types of curtains available in a variety of textures and materials and each of them offer a unique look and feel to a room.

Your choice of the material should primarily be based on what purpose you want the curtain for. There are materials that offer shade and help to make a room retain heat or coolness; similarly, there are curtains, mostly with linings, that block outside light and make a room darker. Having curtains that block light and heat in the summer, or keep the chill out in the winter can make a heater or air conditioner work much more efficiently. The other key factor is dust in India; it would be better to choose curtains which can be easily washed and put back up.

Apart from texture & purpose, your interior design considerations would boil down to color and design. Color scheme plays a very important role in picking out a decorating scheme for your house. If colors, textures or patterns clash, they will not make for an attractive design scheme. It would be good to keep in consideration, the overall color scheme in mind when deciding on curtains. If your have large vacant spaces, it would be good to have curtains with small prominent designs to fill in the space; similarly, if you have kids and the interior is generally cluttered, the best is to have plain curtains; self-embossed, textured or small light prints will also work great but if the curtain has complicated bold prints, it will add to the clutter.

The choice of curtain of course is also be influenced by the type of room where such curtains would be placed. A kids room could have curtains with cartoon characters while an adults bedroom could have a no nonsense curtain that matches the color preference of the room occupant.

You should measure the size of the window before ordering or purchasing curtains; you may want the curtains to be longer than the window or hitting the floors; also you have to factor in a length which will allow them to be fitted in at the top. For width, you have to decide how full you want them to appear; as a thumb rule, you could take them around 1.5 to 2 times the width of the window to get the right drape.

You could also consider curtain accessories like matching color curtain tie backs which are not very costly but when used, can greatly enhance the look of your room

Of course, a key thing to consider while deciding on curtains is price. As there are a wide variety of choices in curtains, it would not be difficult to get a choice of curtains that meet your price.