Guide to Choose the Right Rug / Carpet

Avioni Carpets: Guide To Choose The Right Rug /Carpet Size For Your Home

Avioni Carpets product range includes shag rugs, wool area rugs, hand knotted modern rugs, wool felted carpets, jute and chindi braided area rugs and Persian rugs, come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

This Carpet Size Guide briefly tries to give our customers an idea of the size of Carpet that would best suit your requirements.

Our Rugs come in four different rectangular sizes, though you can always request a customized size. The four sizes (all in feet) are 3 X 5, 4 X 6, 5 X 7, 6 X 9

A key consideration to choose the right size is to know how you want to use it. Some people prefer the carpet to cover the space just around the center table as in figure A. The carpet edges may or may not be touching the sofas. This works great if you have sectional sofas or if you have set a single sofa plus other seating options as in figure C. Other people prefer the carpet to cover most of the sofa sets area i.e. the sofas partially or fully come on the area rug (ref figure B).

As per figure 1, the 3 feet X 5 feet carpet is good for a four seater combination. You could use the 3X5 on larger settings if you have a wooden, marble flooring by putting it underneath a coffee or drawing room table. Either way would contribute to a modern and contemporary look for your living room.

As per figure 2b, the 4 feet X 6 feet Carpet can be good for a five-seater combination. Again, you may use it for a seven seater combination (3+2+2) too, as in Figure 2C; in this combination, the carpet would cover the central area and there would be some empty space between the sofa and the shag carpet.

An Ideal for a seven seater combination would either be the 5X7 or 6X9 rug as in figure 3A and 4A.

Avioni Carpets also come in circular or round shapes; the usual size is 130 cms diameter, Avioni Rugs can be customised to your required shape or size. The Round Floor Rugs again can be used in the centre of your sofas or below a small square dining table. They are also used as scatter rugs in kids rooms, hallways or balconies.

The above guide is to give you a brief idea of floor area rug size choice considerations. These considerations would change for each unique setting depending on the sofas you are using be it sectionals, wooden, leather or other sofas and accompanying centre and side table, poufs, floor cushions, etc. If you have any specific queries please feel free to contact us.