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Enhancing Your Home Decor by Choosing the Right Curtains



Curtains are key to defining the interior design of your home. Curtains can make homes…





A Brief History of Rugs and Carpets



Rugs were some of the earliest inventions of early man. There was widespread use of rugs in Persian, Oriental, and South western regions. The.....




How to Add Colour to Your Living Room With Cushions



Sometimes all you need to make your living room look attractive and vibrant are a few properly chosen cushions.




The Right Kind of Towel to Take for Travel



When travelling, there are a few things that a person absolutely needs, and one of these things is a towel. However, choosing.........




Inexpensive Ways to Give a Quick Facelift to Your Living and Bed Rooms



Your living room and the bedrooms are among the most used places in the house and should therefore be kept at their best.....




A Quick Guide to Purchasing the Perfect Bed Sheets



Bed sheets define how comfortable your sleep will be.........




Shaggy Carpets: The Cool Contemporary!



Every few decades, Fashion apparently has cycles, hark back to dazzling old fashioned styles. Home fashion is also included in it.




Redefine Your Room Decor with a Bed Runner or a Bed Rug



A bed runner or rug is an item that could be considered luxury or non-essential by some people but when you think it through, it may be a very sensible addition to your bedroom.




Guide to Choose the Right Shag Pile Rug



Shag Rugs are modern, contemporary and a must add to your home decor. Please use this guide to get a brief idea of the rug size that would best suit your living space