Redefine Your Room Decor with a Bed Runner or a Bed Rug

A bed runner or rug is an item that could be considered luxury or non-essential by some people but when you think it through, it may be a very sensible addition to your bedroom. For starters, you could put a rug, runner or durrie on any side of your bed to give it definition and add a cozy color to your room.

Bed runners, rugs or carpets are different in that you can use your own free expression in your private den unlike rooms like the living room or kitchen which have to be designed conservatively for entertaining guests. The bedroom is your space and you can design it any way you feel; it’s your kingdom and you have the decision to decide the material, texture, design and style.

As mentioned above, a few things to take into consideration while choosing bed rugs or runners for your room are style, color and design, but don’t forget about functionality too. You may want it on the side of the bed you get out of each morning, or you may want to place it at the foot of the bed to cover a vacant spot or both!

If you choose a bed runner on the side and if it’s a soft material like chenille or shaggy runner, then you guarantee to start your day with having your first step on something warm and soft. Also if you choose a larger rug or durrie, you could throw some cushions around and could lie on it and relax and read a book while drinking your coffee.

There are other places in the bedroom where a runner or rug would look great. You can add a matching rug to your dresser or put it in your walk in wardrobe. This can greatly enhance the quality of the time that you spend while dressing up, or putting on makeup.

The good thing with runners or durries as they are not as costly as carpets and can be easily replaced. The lower cost will allow you to make changes over time if the bed rugs wear out, or if you simply get tired of them and want to make a change.You’ll find runners in lots of sizes and styles from classic to contemporary.