About Us

About us

We are a couple who did their MBA and CA and after spending 15 years in professional services in middle-east, we returned back to live our dream  and hence founded “Loomkart”.

The “Loom” in Loomkart is all about celebrating our traditional arts while giving them contemporary modern quality designs; “Loom” also give us the believe that small meticulous persistent efforts can be woven into beautiful dreams. In this context, we are proud that more than 50% of our products have been sourced from small weavers or enterprises.

The “Kart” in Loomkart is about efficiently bringing quality modern designs directly from weavers and small enterprises to our customers at a reasonable price. We maintain a factory level price mix without compromising on quality by ensuring that there is not extra retail markup or middle men cost included in the prices.  We keep all inventories in our warehouse and welcome our customers to come and visit our store/warehouse.

Loomkart’s products include Durries, Rugs, Carpets, Bean Bags, Sofa Linen, Blankets, Quilts, Dohars, Kitchen Linen, Bed Linen and is expanding rapidly.

We are also proud that more than 95% of our products are “Made in India”; we believe that with such a large and rich heritage, we in India can innovate and strive to bring quality products at the best prices to our customers



Ajay co-founded Loomkart in 2014
He is an MBA in Finance and B Tech (Hons) in Mechanical Engineering
Having worked in GCC and India, he has in 17+ years of experience in private equity and financial advisory


Rekha is a qualified Chartered Accountant and has more than 11+ years of experience
She has covered various sectors including telecommunication, banks, logistics and textile