Berry Bliss Collection Abstract Bundle

The Berry Bliss Collection effortlessly fuses contemporary design principles with the luxurious richness of berry-inspired shades. This collection offers a harmonious visual symphony that enhances your environment to a whole new level.

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Styling Tips for Living Room :

Goes Well With -

  • Warm Beige Sofa

  • Deep Charcoal Gray Sofa

  • Muted Blue-Green Sofa

  • Earthy Olive Green Sofa

  • Slate Blue Sofa

  • Soft Mauve Sofa

Berry Bliss Collection Abstract Bundle

  • Seal brown is a rich, dark brown color reminiscent of the fur color of certain seal species. It's often associated with warmth, earthiness, and stability.

  • Cocoa bean is a deep, warm brown color resembling the shade of cocoa beans. It evokes feelings of comfort, coziness, and a connection to nature.

  • Purple brown is a muted shade that combines elements of both purple and brown. It carries a sense of sophistication, depth, and understated elegance.

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  • Monsoon is often a grayish-blue color that recalls the moody and calming atmosphere of rainy seasons. It's associated with tranquility, introspection, and a sense of renewal.

  • Old lavender is a soft and muted shade of purple with a vintage quality. It embodies nostalgia, gentleness, and a touch of romance.

  • Storm dust is a shade of gray with cool undertones, similar to the color of clouds during a storm. It represents neutrality, stability, and a sense of balance.

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