BrickLane Collection Traditional Bundle

Step into a world where tradition meets abstract expression – explore the Bricklane Collection today and elevate your space with a touch of enduring allure.

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Styling Tips for Living Room :

Goes Well With -

  • Deep Charcoal Gray Sofa

  • Warm Beige Sofa

  • Navy Blue Sofa

  • Muted Sage Green Sofa

  • Light Slate Gray Sofa

  • Soft Blue Sofa

BrickLane Collection Traditional Bundle

  • Metallic copper is a lustrous and warm shade of reddish-brown, resembling the sheen of polished copper metal. It exudes a sense of richness, elegance, and a touch of vintage charm.

  • Dusty red is a muted and subdued shade of red with gray or brown undertones. It carries a vintage and nostalgic feel, evoking a sense of warmth and familiarity.

  • Copper rose is a delicate and soft shade of pink with hints of copper and coral tones. It combines the warmth of copper with the subtlety of rose, creating a gentle and romantic ambiance.

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  • Quill grey is a light to medium gray color that often has cool undertones. It's reminiscent of the softness of feathers and creates a calm and neutral backdrop for various design elements.

  • Cadet grey is a bluish-gray color inspired by the uniform worn by military cadets. It offers a balance between gray and blue, exuding a sense of formality and tranquility.

  • Faded blue is a gentle and subdued shade of blue that appears muted or weathered. It carries a sense of serenity, nostalgia, and a connection to nature.

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