Rosewood Collection Contemporary Bundle

Indulge in the enduring charm of rosewood while enjoying exclusive savings when you collect the complete set. Elevate your space with the serenity of rosewood today.

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Styling Tips for Living Room with Tranquil Tones:

Goes Well With -

  • Neutral Sofa (Beige or Gray)

  • Bold Sofa (Deep Purple or Dark Gray)

  • Patterned Sofa (Neutral with Purple Accents)

  • Velvet Sofa (Deep Purple or Dusty Rose)

  • Striped Sofa (Subtle Gray and Purple Tones)

Window Accents:

  • Frame windows with curtains in neutral tones, allowing the purples to stand out against the backdrop.

Subtle Sophistication:

  • Use Platinum accents like vases or figurines for a touch of refined elegance.

Rosewood Collection Contemporary Bundle

  • Purple Taupe: A blend of muted purple and brown tones, purple taupe signifies understated elegance, timelessness, and a sense of balance. It evokes feelings of tranquility and depth.

  • Dusty rose, a soft and muted pink with a touch of gray, symbolizes romance, tenderness, and nostalgia. It's a color often associated with gentleness and a sense of vintage charm.

  • Pinkish Grey: This delicate hue suggests a mix of feminine energy from pink and neutrality from grey. It represents subtlety, refinement, and a modern twist on traditional femininity.

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  • Beauty bush, a pinkish-purple hue, symbolizes harmony, compassion, and a connection to nature's beauty. It exudes a soothing and gentle aura.

  • Silver Chalice: A shade of silver with a hint of gray, silver chalice represents sophistication, modernity, and a sense of prestige. It brings a touch of elegance and can complement various color palettes.

  • Platinum: A color associated with luxury and prestige, platinum embodies exclusivity, wealth, and sophistication. It conveys a sense of refined elegance and high quality.

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